Our leather comes from the dormant stock of french fashion houses and originates in the food industry. Thanks to our Parisian supplier — a true “treasure hunter” — we offer these lambskins a second life by preventing their unnecessary storage and ultimate destruction.

Leather is a noble and resistant material that improves with age and meets the requirements of sustainable fashion. In such a fast moving industry, we are committed to avoiding textile waste and to developing reasoned production methods, which is why upcycling was an obvious choice for us from the start.

Our choice fell exclusively on natural lambskin with a smooth grain for its fine quality, the perfect ally for ultra-body contouring silhouettes with a second skin feel. Leather stays soft and evolves with the person who wears it, naturally developing a patina over time that makes each product unique. Timeless and unique in style, our pieces are designed to last. If you follow our simple care guidelines, you will ensure your product has a long lifetime.