Our goal is to design close fitting pieces that ensure comfort and support. Follow these few simple tips to get your measurements as accurate as possible.

Position yourself in profile to your mirror without clothing so as to obtain the most accurate measurements possible, this will allow you to always check that your tape measure is horizontal at the level of your back.

To best adapt your bra to your morphology, two measurements are essential:

  • Your back measurement to be taken just below the chest; this measurement will determine the chest size.
  • Your chest measurement to be taken on the tips of the breasts; this measurement will determine the cup size.

If you have a generous bust, we recommend that you measure your chest circumference wearing a thin bra that does not flatten your chest. This will allow you to take a more precise measurement.

To best adapt your brief or panty to your morphology, three measurements are essential:

  • Your hip circumference, to be taken at the fullest level of your hips ; this measurement is the most decisive because this is where your panties will land.
  • Your seat circumference, to be taken at the fullest level of your bottom ; this measurement will allow for optimal comfort.
  • Your waist circumference, to be taken above the belly button where your waist is smallest ; this measurement is particularly important when choosing high waist panties.

In choosing a bodysuit, all of these measures are necessary. 

  • Back circumference (in cm)
  • Chest circumference (in cm) 
  • Waist circumference (in cm) 
  • Hips circumference (in cm) 
  • Seat circumference (in cm) 

We accompany you. After you put in your order, we will personally and directly contact you in order to help and assist you with the measurements process. Manufacturing and delivery of you order will take place within 4 to 6 weeks on receipt of this data.