Material & Care


We selected natural lambskin with a smooth grain for its fine quality and second skin feel.  The lambskins have not undergone any finishing other than bath dyeing to preserve their natural appearance, ensuring a beautiful patina over time. This patina makes each piece unique, creating a special attachment for the person who wears it. Timeless and unique, all our pieces are designed to last. If you follow these simple care guidelines, you will ensure your piece a long lifetime. 


We recommend the use of a specific maintenance gel for lambskin, which will both clean and nourish this type of soft natural leather without denaturing it. The protective filter created by the application of the gel will preserve the skin from spots while restoring its original shine. Keep your product out of direct sunlight or heat for a long periode of time, it will dry the leather. Avoid prolonged contact with water. If the leather gets wet, pat it ligtly with a dry cloth and let it dry, never use heat as it can damage the leather. Beware of the friction of your garment on abrasive surfaces. 


We work exclusively with Calais lace woven on traditionnal looms and renowned for its great finesse. We select all our lace from Maison Sophie Hallette favoring Leavers for the comfort provided by its elasticity, and paying particular attention to the patterns; floral or graphic, woven or embroidered, their precious character gives each of our pieces a unique identity.


We recommend you handwash your lace pieces in cold water using mild detergent. Avoid rubbing the lace during washing as it could damage it. Keep your product out of direct sunlight and avoid placing on a radiator as heat may damage delicate lace. Lay flat to air dry. 

Rings and clasps

Our rings are solid brass, plated in a variety of precious metals : rose gold, yellow gold and old silver. All our clasps are brass — round clasps in raw brass and tubular clasps in silvered brass. We have selected solid assembly parts traditionally used in jewelry to give our models a precious edge.


Brass, just like silver, is a metal which oxidizes on contact with the skin. To clean it, rub it delicately with a chamois cloth. If the metal parts darken over time, you can restore them to their full shine by soaking them for a minute in pure lemon juice; rinse well, dry and rub with a chamois cloth. 

Recycled plastic

Our macrame details are handwoven using two types of materials : satin elastic and plastic thread — which is actually recycled scoubidou thread. This last mterial was chosen for its shine which captures the light and contrasts wonderfully with the mattness of the tulle, its malleability and its playfulness.


If the woven structures remain strong thanks to the resistance of the elastics and the tension of the weaving, plastic in this form is a delicate material which needs to be protected from heat sources.  Wash the hand-woven pieces in cold water with a product suitable for delicate laundry and dry flat in the open air.